That Pesky Constitution

That must be what the Minnesotan Lawmakers must be thinking.

For some reason the Minnesota state government decided to try their luck at beating the US constitution by enacting a law that would impose a $25 fine on minors younger than 17 if they tried to buy or rent a video game rated M or AO. According to Tech News Blog, a US district judge blocked the policy before it came into force, citing constitutional concerns and a lack of evidence linking video games to harmful effects on Minnesota’s children.

Ironic that they are fining the very kids they are purporting to protect.

How many states is that now?

You’d think that the politicians attempting to enact the Helen Lovejoy laws would attempt to familiarize themselves with the whole issue of individual rights and the Constitution before spending a whole bunch of taxpayers money trying to take those rights away. But no, they follow the example of other states, like lemmings over a cliff.

So, which lemming is up next?

It looks like the next to do some impromptu legislative cliff diving is Massachusetts with a new Helen Lovejoy law that will once again attempt to restrict violent video game sales to minors.

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