Some people have way too much time on their hands… and I am so grateful.

Massively is reporting on a new World of Warcraft machinima. It has been in production for quite a while now, and has just released the first installment.

It’s called MMOvie and follows the misadventures of a trio of Indiana Jones wannabes. It’s incredibly well done, with some pretty good editiing. The sound and music is top notch too. I was hooked and laughing from the opening credits. Cubby Broccoli eat your heart out. About the only complaint was a slight video stutter, but that might be due to overloading the server.

The first episode is a bit over ten minutes long. I’ve embedded it here, or you can follow a link to the MMOvie website. Enjoy.

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  1. Jakob

    Ohmigosh. Very very funny! 🙂

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