EA-Land vs Second Life

I never really looked at playing the Sims Online, the style of gameplay really wasn’t my cup of tea. The same can be said for Second Life, which I’ve never really considered to be a game in any case. Second Life is more an experiment in virtual worlds, not virtual game worlds.

As for the Sims Online, it never really did that well as I understand it. Like a lot of these sort of games, it’s marketed towards the player who enjoyed The Sims series of games, but never caught on like The Sims. Perhaps it was poor execution. Perhaps the players preferred the casual nature of the single player game.

So EA is giving The Sims Online  a complete revamp and relaunching it as EA-Land.

First… do you mind if I’m a little cynical? Good, thanks… What sort of stupid name is that?

The idea of revamping TSO is novel, I’ll give them that, but they’re not really changing anything as I can see. There’s going to be a lot more land areas, about 100 time more; and the game becomes free with a subscription for extra content and land ownership. There’s also an improved economy fixing the broken economy in TSO.

These changes may even warrant a name change, but EA-Land… please. I’m at a loss as to why they’d include their corporate brand in the name. Hopefully it won’t start a trend. Here’s a few possibilities we’d all hate to see:

  • World of Blizzard.
  • Knights of the Old Bioware.
  • 3DRealms Forever.
  • Flagship: London.
  • Grand Theft Rockstar.

EA-Land at least won’t have the same problem with flying penises as Second Life. Users will be able to create and upload custom content in a similar way to Second Life, but it will all have to be approved by EA. This will make sure user content is safe for everyone.

Now the question becomes, what market is EA trying to tap here?

It’s probably not the users who inhabit the anarchic world of Second Life. While SL has a lot of users, the 2D worlds of Habbo Hotel and Club Penguin have many times more users. I’ve heard reports that Habbo and Penguin have more subscribers than World of Warcraft. With a 3D interface, the existing Sims style, and the Second Life creativity with family safety in mind, EA-Land may be a hit in the preteen market.

I just wish they’d think of a better name, even Sims-Land is better.


  1. Jakob

    “First… do you mind if I’m a little cynical? Good, thanks… What sort of stupid name is that?”

    This line made me laugh, I must say.

    I went to the site out of curiosity. This (do you mind if I’m a little cynical? :)) looks like it has “fail” written all over it, beginning with, as you say, the EA-Land part.

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