Rupture in Rapture

I just came across this story on the Techcrunch blog. Techcrunch is a blog that deals with the internet tech industry.

You might remember about a year ago there was some buzz on the intarwebs about a start up called Rupture. Rupture was all about creating a social network for MMO gamers. I never tried to join the beta, so I’m not sure what features the social network had at the time. Though looking at the site now, it appears to be for all gamers, not just MMOers.

One of the big marketing points that they were going for was that Rupture was being headed up by Shawn Fanning. Mr Fanning, who has a bit of a history of Internet entrepreneurship, was also the creator of Napster. He’d made a bundle there, even though they were shut down by the MAFIIA, and was investing a chunk of that in this new venture.

At the time all this buzz about Rupture was going on, it was just going into the beta testing phase. As will many Web 2.0 companies, it’s been a long beta. Currently they are still in it.

And what’s more. They’ve been sold. At this stage no one knows who has bought Rupture. Techcrunch is busy shaking trees to find out who and how much. With the sale of another of his startups recently, Mr Fanning is having a rapturous month.

Hmmm. I wonder if the buyer is IGE.

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