Cryptic Champions Online

The Game Informer web site has just put up a preview of its next months cover and is giving a bit of information about a new MMO by Cryptic.

In light of the disclosure during the week that Microsoft Gaming Studios has canceled Marvel Universe Online, this has answered a question that I was wondering about – What happened to all of Cryptic’s hard work on Marvel Universe Online?

The answer, it appears, is that Marvel Universe Online is being rebranded as Champions Online.

One of the notable things about the comments from Microsoft Game Studios was the complete lack of mention of Cryptic. The cancellation, it seems, was a mutual decision between MGS and Marvel. It’s odd because the original agreements for Marvel Universe Online were between Marvel and Cryptic. This was partly to prevent a lawsuit from Marvel because players were creating trademarked Marvel characters in City of Heroes.

There will be more info coming in the March edition of Game Informer when we’ll get the first look at Champions Online. The teaser also mentions that it will be available for both PC and the consoles, most likely the XBox 360. It sounds like there will also be player villains, perhaps from release.

Hopefully the next thing we’ll here from Cryptic is the status of Star Trek Online.

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