January Poll Results – Now with Graphs

Yes. You read that right. We now have graphs. Too cool eh?

The January poll asked the question: As a MMO Gamer, I am currently playing or not playing a MMO and reading x blogs.

Overall, 25 people responded to the poll with the answers broken down in the following graph.

Jan08 Poll 1 

The biggest results were those reader who played a MMO and read either 1 to 5 or more than 10 blogs. The next highest was bloggers who also played.

What we wanted to really see in this poll was how many of you read blogs while playing a MMO. The idea was that MMO players not currently playing a MMO would be the ones reading blogs. People actually playing would have less time to read blogs since they’d always be in game.

As you can see from the Playing vs Not Playing graph below, the majority of MMO blog readers are involved in playing a game at the same time.

Jan08 Poll 2 

Furthermore, the majority of respondents actually read more than 10 blogs. There was one major assumption in this however, that the blogger respondents all read more than 10 blogs. When I created the poll I decided to just have bloggers playing and not playing questions. Otherwise there would have been a much larger number of options to choose from and the poll would have been unwieldy. I think that assumption is fairly valid, just by looking at the blogrolls of  most of the MMO blogs that I read.

Jan08 Poll 3


The conclusions are pretty cut and dried, at least for Stropp’s World,

  1. the majority of blog readers are also playing a MMO game.
  2. a blog reader is more likely to read more than 10 blogs.

BTW, for the graphs I used the Open Office spreadsheet application, Calc. I decided a few weeks ago to look at the Open Office application suite rather than go out and get MS Office. While, in some ways, it’s a little rougher than Office, it still does the job and produces some damn fine graphs.

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  1. DM Osbon

    Nice results, shame you didn’t get a higher response…100 would have been nice but saying that 25 gives you at least a fair look.

    I would do more polls on my blog but wordpress.com as yet doesn’t support a widget that can produce them.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    Yeah, a bit of a pity there werent more responses. I’m not exactly sure, but I think that Democracy isn’t working all that well with my feed. I’m not sure how to check that though (aside from looking at my own feed.)

    One of the reasons I decided at the start to go with my own domain and shared hosting. It’s not expensive, and I can make my own choices as to what I do with the site.

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