Ice Age Online Announced

This one came right out of left field.

According to Gamers Hell, a South Korean company called Gravity Co, Ltd has forged an agreement with 20th Century Fox to create a MMO based on the Ice Age Movies. The game is expected to be released  in the third quarter 2009.

Well. What can I say about that.

My first response was to check the calendar. Nope. Not April 1.

Aside from the fact that I did enjoy both movies, even though I thought the first was much better, I’m not sure that this can make a good game.

See this is the problem with games that are based on movies. Ice Age is a character movie. It’s about a group of friends who overcome personal differences to overcome a problem. It’s also about this crazy rat thing that’s obsessed with his nuts. How do you take that dynamic and apply it to a MMO where each player is in charge of their destiny?

Perhaps that is why there are so many crappy games based on movies.

There are some good ones. The Aliens vs Predator games worked in part because they took elements from each movie world and combined them well. But they didn’t try and emulate the story from each of those movies.

Perhaps the other indicator that Ice Age Online  is not going to be that great is the release date.

It’s only a bit more than eighteen months away.

I suspect that they will be aiming at the much younger audience. After all, most kids don’t really know when they’re being dished up poor quality entertainment. If IAO goes the way it’s looking just from the press release, that’s what is going to be delivered.

Pity. Kids deserve better.

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  1. pvthudson

    You know this will probably be some microtransaction grindfest, maybe like a browser MMO

  2. Super Ally

    id love to see an Aliens vs Predator game styled like wow. Now that would be awesome
    For aliens you could pick a different tree/path to go down to evolve into a sub species and predators well they would just rock!!

  3. Stropp (Post author)

    @Pvthudson – Probably. That is the model that seems to drive a lot of the Asian MMOs, and since this game is aimed at the kiddies, well.

    Personally, feel a bit cynical about this one. It feels like Fox is capitialising on their IP just to drag a bit more cash out of it.

    @Super Ally – I agree. An AvP MMO (if done right) would be awesome. I’ve always been a fan of both those movies, since I saw the original Alien in the cinemas when I was 15. It would have to be a strong PvP/RvR game though. Aliens just can’t be reasoned with.

    Good idea about the path. The way to pick it of course is when the Alien is in the Facehugger stage. Pick a human, you get the standard Alien. Pick an animal you get the four legged variety, smaller but very fast (Alien 3). Pick a Predator and you’d get the super Alien (Aliens v Predator: Requiem).

  4. Super Ally

    oooooh nice idea about the face hugger stage, It could also copy the old aliens vs predator game on the jaguar that you can lay eggs when you are an alien and when you die you respawn out the egg you laid.

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