Rumor and Innuendo – WoW Consolidated? is reporting on some buzz from the recent Consumer Electronics Show, that Blizzard may be working on a port of World of Warcraft to the world of consoles.

The idea resulted from the preview of a product called Prototype being developed by Sierra Entertainment.

Reading the article on, it’s pretty clear that this is exactly what it appears to be… a rumor. Started in the time honored way that most rumors get started, by taking what someone in authority is saying out of context. In this case, the director for product globalization for Radical Entertainment, Chris Ansell was merely talking about how his company was exploring ideas and taking some of those ideas from WoW.

By all accounts, this years Consumer Electronics Show wasn’t anything to write home about. This was Bill Gates last year delivering the keynote speech on behalf of Microsoft. A lot of folks were disappointed that no major announcements were made.

Personally I doubt we will see World of Warcraft appearing on the XBox 360 or Playstation 3. or even the Wi for that matter.

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