I’ve been hearing a few good things about Mythos lately.

MMO Crunch recently previewed the game, and I’ve been lurking around the Official Mythos web site as well, not that there’s much to see there yet.

The first one is that it’s very similar to Diablo 2. This can only be a good thing. I really enjoyed playing both Diablo and Diablo 2. While memories of many of the games I’ve played have fallen to the mists of time, D2 is one of the few classics that is fondly remembered.

It’s also being developed by the guys responsible for Hellgate: London, Flagship Studios. Please don’t take that as a bad thing. Hellgate in itself wasn’t a bad game, I previously rated the single player game fairly highly, it was just delivered way too early. Hopefully Flagship have learned their lesson and are going to take their time with this one.

Considering Flagships first two games are effectively in the Diablo 2 genre, these guys must have a passion for that style of gaming.

I’ve put my hand up for a beta key. Unfortunately my track record in getting accepted into betas recently has been pretty lousy. The last beta I was in was for the Lord of the Rings Online. So, here’s a request to my readers. If any of you are in the Mythos beta and have a spare key, I’d be grateful if you could send it my way.