I took the plunge tonight and respec’d my Hunter from Marksman to Beastmaster.

I had a few second thoughts before I okay’d the respec. After all doing a lot of damage is nice. I then spent a bit of time going through and reassigning the talent points. I ended up doing something fairly similar to Big Red Kitties build, but with a few minor changes. I kept 20 points in marksman because there are some talents in there that are just too good to pass up, and there is one talent on the third row that is good for my pet (Go for the Throat.)

After reorganising my actions and fixing up my UI, see below, I didn’t really have much time to do any real playing. I did some test kills around Thrallmar, and handed in a quest or two, but that was about it. The tests were interesting, as it still appears that I am substantially out damaging my pet. I had the impression that BM meant the pet was the damage dealer. It’s probably more a case of lrn2plynoob. I’ll need some more time to evaluate the Beastmaster lifestyle.

I also downloaded Omala UI mod from and spent most of my time during the session configuring it and getting it looking right. Well, sort of looking right.

Honestly, I’m not too impressed by this mod. After I loaded it up, my screen was filled by a repeating error message. I needed to get out to the character screen and disable the addons responsible. When I got back in, there was a lot of stuff on the screen which took me a while to organise. Even then there were some panels that wouldn’t disappear even when I hid them… back to the addons and disable.


I like some of the features of this mod. It has lots of buttons, which is always good for me since I tend to want everything including the kitchen sink on my button bars. The top and bottom bars have some nice panels that open and give lots of info for quests, including user comments.

But there are some bad points too. It does feel a little cluttered, even on the big screen I have. And some of the addons are poorly configured. For instance the quest panel has a slide out panel with heaps of quest info. That doesn’t sound too bad. Unfortunately, the slide out panel doesn’t slide out all the way leaving some of the text obscured by the quest panel.

And, for some reason there is some text right over my character which says “cooldown monitor.” There doesn’t seem to be anyway to turn it off.

So I don’t know. I probably won’t keep this one.

What do you recommend?


  1. Super Ally

    I need to find a new cluster pac as the one i used to use is now crap.

    Mods that i couldnt do without are
    Titan panel
    Metahud (looks cool)

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    Thanks for the info Super Ally.

    I’ll download and install those next time I get into the game.

  3. Bushdoctor

    I enjoy using Trinity Bars UI, loads of options and pretty easy to get used to, didnt seem to slow anything down either, even on my POS computer. CTMOD is another basic good one, then theres Bartender and FuBar too, sooo many bar mod UI’s out there.

  4. Stropp (Post author)

    Hi Bushdoctor, thanks for your comment.

    I picked up Krucifrons UI from the Cosmos site. It uses Titan panel and a few other add-ins including Omen and Atlas, et al. So far so good, but early in the session I get a few error windows opening up. I should look into them.

    At some point in the near future, I’ll put up a post with some screenshots for everyone to see.

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