Up and Running

In my last post I mentioned that I was downloading Tabula Rasa.

That finished downloading late Friday night, so I didn’t spend a lot of time in the game. Just enough to load it up to make sure it was working and swoon at the high detail graphics.

I spent Saturday running Stropp McStropp around doing quests, and defending control points. During that time, McStropp leveled up to 11.

Defending, and attacking, control points is one of the things I really like about Tabula Rasa. In the Wilderness zone, there are two CPs. There is the Landing Zone and Imperial Valley. For each of these the goal is for the attacker to break through the gate shield and acquire the control point. It’s fast paced mayhem with the Bane attempting to take over or defend a particular installation.
Players pick up defender or attacker tokens for each Bane that they kill during the encounter. These can then be handed in to a quest giver who will provide a reward.

The only problem is that I go through a ton of ammo, and ammo is not really all that cheap. Five thousand rounds of standard projectile ammunition will cost 10000 credits. The same amount of standard energy ammo will cost 15000 credits. Considering my machine guns go through a hundred rounds in a few seconds, several of these battles can become quite expensive. Even with the bountys on killing the Bane, it still costs a packet.

But it’s fun. That’s the main thing.

Also, over the weekend Big Red Kitty posted about a new website called Warcrafter. It’s a pretty impressive site for checking out your World of Warcraft gear and experimenting with different enchants and configurations. I loaded up Stropp’s profile and played around with it for a while. It also had something of a nostalgic effect. The next thing I know, I’m loading up WoW and starting the patching.

It took a while to do that, so I wasn’t able to get into World of Warcraft until tonight.

Stropp the Hunter was still sitting about half-way through level 60. Unfortunately, I was pretty much burnt out with WoW when the Burning Crusade was released so all I did was some early quests and some exploring.

It’s been close to a year since I last played Stropp. I experimented with a Blood Elf Rogue and Joana’s Guide midway through the year, but didn’t really get too far. Not because of any problems with Joana’s Guide, but because I was just tired of WoW at the time. The guide worked well. In anycase, it’s been a while since I played my Hunter and it showed tonight.

There were a number of grisly deaths for both me and my pet, including an underfoot crushing by one of the giant elite mechanical reavers that wander around Hellfire Peninsula. I’m rusty. No doubt about it.

However, I did manage to finish off a couple of quests and picked up a couple more. As I said I felt a bit of nostalgia. I was also considering getting to 70 so that I could be ready for Wrath of the Lich King. And… reading Big Red Kitty has also got me thinking about respecing my talents from Marksman build to a Beastmaster build. I do like the high damage of the Marksman, but there’s something to be said about having a more beastly beast. I’ll have to do some research before I make up my mind I think.

Will I start playing again? Not sure at this stage.

PS. If you haven’t yet, head over to Big Red Kitties blog. He has one of the best banners I’ve seen. I was lucky I wasn’t drinking a coffee the first time I saw it.


  1. DM Osbon

    Like you Stropp when I try out a new game I tend to be playing others too. Am in TR level 10 but am also waiting on CoD4 to turn up in the post, just couldn’t resist the game in the end & so must give it a try…yeah I’ll be blogging about that soon enough!

    I still have WoW on the back burner & am keeping it warm for a return at some point…it never seems to want to let go once you played it.

  2. DM Osbon
  3. Stropp (Post author)

    Cool DM. I’ll probably keep pushing forward with TR. Even so, it’s not that long until January. See you then, if we can get our times right.

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