Living the Slack Life

Well, not really.

I’ve actually been fairly busy at work and at home over the last few weeks. I’ve been quite the greenie too by getting my garden up to spec and laying down the mulch. The big purchase has been the installation of a gray water system and the associated infrastructure. This will hopefully help to keep the garden alive since we’re not allowed to water except one evening a week. Oh, and my next door neighbour told me the other day that his house was riddled with termites! So I also needed to organise an inspection… thankfully my house is white ant free.

My time hasn’t just been occupied with household shenanigans. As I mentioned previously, I ordered Hellgate: London and Mass Effect. Hellgate: London arrived ten days or so ago and I’ve given it a good bash. I’ll be writing up a review sometime this weekend. The advance review… Single player game – Fantastic. The multiplayer MMO style game – I was very disappointed. You’ll have read the review when it comes up for the details.

I’m also now playing Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa. Unfortunately I never had time to do a real preview before the release as I had planned. I’ll be putting up a review for Tabula Rasa in the next couple of weeks. I’d like to play it a bit more before I write one up. Having said that, Tabula Rasa was heavily improved in the final weeks before release and a lot of content was added. It’s a quality game.

If you decide to play and want to say hello, I’ve joined up on the European server. Just look for McStropp. NCSoft did the right thing and didn’t segregate their servers. This allows anyone to join any TR server in the world. I reckon it’s great not being segregated.

Mass Effect is the next game that will arrive. I preordered at the same time as Hellgate: London, and have been looking forward to it for some time. I really like the premise of the story. Humanity takes the leap into space, getting into trouble along the way, at about the same time a race of machines is due to return to the galaxy to cull sentient life. I’ve read a number of SciFi novels that have this as their premise. The Revelation Space series by Alastair Reynolds and Engines of God by Jack McDevitt are two examples that come to mind. If you like SciFi I highly recommend them.

In any case, life isn’t likely to calm down before Christmas. My posting schedule is likely to be a bit less than regular, but I won’t disappear completely.


  1. DM Osbon


    I have the game & also have joined the EU server, will add you as a friend…keep your eyes peeled for Liber Turzanski!

    Made a early impressions post:

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    Hey DM. I’ve been keeping an eye out, but it doesn’t seem as if I can add you as a friend if you’re not in the game at the time. Possible bug maybe.

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