I’m going to leave the poll on the new look of Stropp’s World up until the end of the month. That’s just another week. At this stage, I’ve only had six responses, and I’m keen to see if folks like the new look. If you are reading this through an RSS feed, please consider stopping by and voting.

Of the responses I’ve had, most are positive. Of the other two, there is one result saying it doesn’t work in the voters browser. This is something I’d like to correct if possible. Unfortunately, I don’t know what browser is having trouble. If you are finding problems with the site in your browser, can you let me know the details of the browser, operating system, and any other relevant info.

If you don’t like the theme and you think your Granny could do a better job, please let me know what you think is wrong with the theme and I’ll see what I can do.

Your ideas for future poll topics are also welcome. Let me know if you have any.