Warhammer Online May Newsletter Arrives

The May 2007 edition of the Warhammer Online arrived in my inbox today. This issue covers the usual looks at various zones, dungeons, bosses and classes. It also has a link to apply for the upcoming closed beta. As usual, I applied for the beta, but it’s unlikely I’ll get into this one as it’s exclusive to North American testers. There is a link for European players, but none for us Antipodeans. Sigh. I applied anyway. Who knows I might get lucky. But even if not, I’ll be ready for a more general beta, if one happens.

WHnt_09s.jpgThe class that this months newsletter looks at is the Witch Hunter. The Witch Hunter’s sole motivation is to seek out and destroy the corrupt forces of chaos. As you can see in the picture to the left, the Witch Hunter has an appearance somewhat reminiscent of Hugh Jackman’s depiction of Van Helsing with that 19th century inquisitor flavor. The wide brimmed hats, buckles and long coats and cloaks appear to be the trademark appearance for this class.

As I mentioned, there’s quite a bit more info in this edition of the newsletter. There is a preview of the Warhammer Forge of War comic book. You can order this from Boom Studios. There’s also a preview of the High Pass zone and a boss profile of Slaurith amongst other articles.

The newsletter is a pretty good read. You can sign up for it here.