Lord of the Rings Online – Preordered

I’ve done it. I preordered Lord of the Rings Online today from Amazon. So, in a few days it will be winging it’s way across the deep blue sea.

Everything I’ve been reading about LotRO indicates that this game is going to be a big seller. I’ve seen articles from news and blog sites that talk about the excitement that is running through the MMO community as LotRO nears its release on the 24th of April. I’ve even wondered if it will be a WoW killer.

I suspect not, because a lot of players will be reluctant to leave a game where they have built up their characters, and have formed relationships with other players. And, very importantly, I haven’t seen much of the sort of babble where disgruntled players are saying, "When xyz comes out…" or "I’m just waiting for abc…" Aside from the usual nerf and I’ve been nerfed comments on forums, everyone appears reasonably gruntled.

Still Lord of the Rings is a huge licence with a lot of popularity. I think that after over two years of WoW, some players will be interested in having a look at something a bit different. LotRO with its widespread appeal and a very clean beta with lots of positive reports, will pick up quite a few players from WoW. I also suspect that the next couple of years will be an interesting time for Blizzard as more and more MMOs will be released. Will World of Warcraft keep growing its subscriber base, or will people want to move on to other different games?

Time will tell.

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  1. Super Ally

    Hmm I play WOW a fair bit but am seriously getting bored of it, too many italians on the realm i use makes communication and gettin a group difficult, and yes i have tried other realms but iv got a good few high lvls on my main realm and am not paying blizzard anymore money to transfer them. In the end I’ll probably stop playing Wow for a while however lord of the rings just doesnt appeal to me in the slightest… no opposing factions will be a right bore.
    Besides its summer now anyway(almost) and the sun is coming out…. living in Scotland i may just have to make the most of it and leave my alter egos festering in my pc for a while

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    That’s fair enough Super Ally. If a game doesn’t appeal to you, you shouldn’t be paying to play it. I take your point about opposing factions. That surprised me a little too when I first heard about it, but there are some advantages to a PvE only game (not accounting for monster play.)

    The first is that it’s a lot easier to balance classes, and the classes don’t have to be evenly matched so they can beat each other in PvP.

    The communities also tend to be friendlier in PvE only games. You can see this (sometimes) in the difference between PvE and PvP servers in WoW.

    Anyway, take it easy in the sun. The sun doesn’t disappear here, but it gets cooler (and hopefully wetter). Enjoy your WoW-less summer. 

  3. DM Osbon

    I disagree about what Super Ally has to say about being bored because there are ‘no opposing factions’.I think PvP is a good ‘tool’ ingame IF it actually moves the game on ala Warhammer with WoW it’s just been stuck on & just does nothing for the game in the sense of community & spirit of role play.  LotR has a big history & think Turbine are doing it good justice…has Super Ally even tried the beta?

  4. Super Ally

    ‘has Super Ally even tried the beta? ‘ Read what i said "lord of the rings just doesnt appeal to me in the slightest" so why would i bother trying it?
    I respect your opinion however.

  5. DM Osbon

    Yeah I have heard a few people make this comment about LotRO…I suppose it’s a acquired taste

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