New Keylogger Warning

Nathaera from the Blizzard Forums has posted a warning about a new spate of keylogger scams. It seems that there have been a number of posts on the forums including links to a hostile program called tony danza. So, if you are browsing the forums at the moment be very careful of the links that you follow.

In fact it’s probably a good idea to be careful what you do on the net in anycase. Always make sure you have a good firewall installed, and use an anti-malware program to check what your computer is downloading. You should always be aware of your account security.

Be extremely careful when you buy gold. I’d recommend you didn’t buy gold anyway since there is a risk of an account ban if you are caught. And besides it really is cheating. Even accepting gold from someone you don’t know is fraught with danger. But aside from those considerations, a lot of gold sellers will try and install a keylogger on your computer.

Why you ask? Well consider that keylogger scams exist for one reason only. To steal gold from players by breaking into their accounts, converting their gear to cash, and send that gold to a gold seller. Gold is valuable after all, why not try and get it back from the person you sold it to?

You have to ask yourself, why would you trust the thieves that you are buying gold from to treat you any different than their victims?