Impressive Up and Coming MMOs

A few days ago, I wrote that I had signed up for the beta of Lord of the Rings Online. At the end of that post I mentioned that there were a bunch of other impressive MMOs on the horizon. A reader commented, asking me what they are.

Here is my list of impressive up and coming MMOs.


Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Developer: Funcom Official Website
Release: Q2 2007

Age of Conan is set in the universe of Conan the Barbarian at the time in the novels where Conan has become king. This is going to be a very violent game with a MA rating. It is also the only game I’ve seen where the character creation allows you to configure the shape of your arse.

Tabula Rasa

Developer: NCSoft Official Website
Release: Unknown

Tabula Rasa is a Sci-Fi MMO being developed by Richard Garriot, the man behind the Ultima games including Ultima Online. This game plays more like a FPS, but has the character development of a RPG.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Developer: Mythic Entertainment Official Website
Release: 2007

Warhammer Online is being produced by the developers of the online game, Dark Age of Camelot, and is being set in the Warhammer universe. The graphics seem to be a little reminiscent of World of Warcrafts style, but the game as I understand it, will be substantially different.


Developer: Webzen, Inc. (No Website)
Release: 2007

Another Sci-Fi MMO that has the leveling system of most MMORPGs, but from what I understand is more of a FPS action style. I saw some gameplay video a few months ago on the G4 TV site, and this game looks awesome. Unfortunately, as yet they don’t seem to have an official site for the game.

Star Trek Online

Developer: Perpetual Entertainment Official Website
Release: 2007?

Supposed to go to beta sometime in summer 2007. It will include starship combat as well as PvP and solo play. STO will deliver the essential experiences associated with Star Trek: shipboard and starbase life, away-team missions, holodeck activities, and encounters with other starships. And the best thing about this game is that I can be a Klingon. Scrape ’em of Jim!

Stargate Worlds

Developer: Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment Official Website
Release: Unknown

One of my favorite TV series, so I really hope they do a good job. Stargate Worlds will let you play as a Human, Jaffa, Goa’uld, or Asgard. It looks like they will include the Atlantis worlds as well, which creates almost infinite possibilities for missions. I don’t really see a warrior class for the Asgard though.

Final Thoughts

Including LotRO, this makes seven big online games in development that will soon be released. There are a few other games out there that I haven’t mentioned that are imminent. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is one that I’ve only recently heard about. Just about every other week I see a report of another MMORPG being announced. It seems every man and his dog is getting into the business. This is not to mention the latest announcements of MMORPGs set in the Firefly and Fallout universes which can also be considered reasonably hefty licences.

I was going to include more information on each of these games, but as I was writing this article, I became aware that I couldn’t do each of these games justice with a single paragraph. If anyone is interested, I’ll do more complete articles on each of these games in the coming weeks.


  1. Anonymous

    You should check out Vendetta Online.  It’s already available, playable and fun, but far from finished.  New updates are released nearly every week.  It’s currently a space FPS with some RPG trimmings, but a fully dynamic economy will be released within a couple months, and new missions and associated items are being added constantly.  The developers intend to support player-owned capital-ships and stations as well as many other advanced features within the next year.

  2. Anonymous
  3. Stropp (Post author)

    Thanks for the tip and link. This looks like an interesting game. I particularly like that it was developed by a small team, and that it has clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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