Skilling up with Pets

Recently, I’ve been on a few runs through BRD, Strat, and Scholo. During these runs some decent two hand axes have dropped.

The problem is that since level 20, I’ve almost exclusively dual wielded 1h axes and didn’t have any skill to use these very nice items. Here’s a tip for how I leveled this skill up by 270 points in less than ninety minutes.

I started in Stranglethorn Vale with my bear. Just outside of Grom Grol there is a nest of raptors. I selected a Raptor, had my bear run up and attack it, and immediately put the pet on passive. He stops fighting and comes back to me. I start attacking the raptor with my axe. Since I’m not hitting it, I generate no aggro and my skill goes up with each swing. Every now and again I use mend pet to heal the bear. It’s not impossible to get a skill up from 1 to 120 on a single raptor, unless someone comes by and wants to ‘help.’

Once the raptors stop giving you skill ups, its time to go to a higher level mob. I usually go to the plaguelands, but anywhere with mobs in the mid to high 50’s will generate skill ups. The mobs defence rating just has to be higher than your attack rating with that weapon.

I haven’t played a warlock, so I don’t know how this method would work using a warlocks pets, but I think it should work. If any locks out there have any info regarding this, please let me know.

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  2. Matt

    For warlocks, find any demon mob equal to your level. Cast banish on it, and wand/melee away. You will get skill ups and never take a single hit. Can skill all the way up on one mob this way.

    Helps to cast Curse of Shadows before you banish.

    Good luck.

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