Three Tips for Saving Gold in World of Warcraft

Benjamin Franklin once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Nowhere is this more true than in World of Warcraft. WoW offers players many unique and varied ways to spend their hard earned gold. From paying for repairs after a hard night raiding, to buying a bank slot to store your extra gear, the expenditure really adds up. Not surprisingly, there are quite a lot of characters running around with very small bank balances. This guide will give you three tips for saving gold in WoW.

1. Don’t take up a crafting profession

Or at least don’t take up a crafting profession until you really have to. The crafting professions are alchemy, blacksmithing, engineering, tailoring, cooking, and leatherworking. Jewelcrafting is a new profession that will appear with the Burning Crusade expansion.

The crafting professions will cost you a lot of money to level all the way to 300. You will need to buy or farm raw materials, buy patterns and recipes, and buy vendor only materials in order craft the different items. You’ll end up spending quite a large amount of gold to be able to make items that not many people will want to buy until you can craft the epic items. Even if you find a profitable item, it will be subject to the fluctuations of auction house prices, especially when player who are leveling their crafting skills dump their newly crafted items at the lowest possible prices.

On the other hand, the gathering professions can be quite profitable. It’s worth getting to 60 with two gathering skills, and then if necessary, dumping one or both and taking up a crafting profession.

2. Don’t buy gear from the AH before level 60

When I earned my first 120 gold, I saw a Hammer of the Northern Wind on the AH. I thought it looked like a really great weapon so I bought it for 100 gold. I was level 50 at the time. Before Five levels had passed, I had been through several top level instances and I had won three much better weapons, and had the Hydralick Armor drop off a Furbolg. I put the hammer in the bank and used the better weapons. Does that sound like a good investment? One hundred gold for just five levels use?

WoW will reward you for waiting. It doesn’t mean all the bits and pieces you want will fall into your lap without you doing anything. But if you get into a good guild and manage to frequently get into instances, you will find that those really nice items will drop for you, and you won’t have to spend all your gold for an item that will only last you a few levels.

3. Farm mats rather than buy them

There are times that you are going to need mats. Often you can get cheaper enchants if you provide some or all of the materials that are needed. Some nice folks will even enchant for tips or free if you provide the mats. Rather than buy them on the AH, go out and gather them. This might mean running an instance several times, or using your gathering skills to collect the materials. Even if you don’t have the ability to gather the items you need directly, you can farm non-related items, leather for example, and sell it on the auction house, and use that gold to buy what you need.

When you get to 60 and start accumulating high end armor and weapons, your costs will go up. I had a couple of wipes over the last couple of days, and with only four pieces of the Beaststalkers gear my repair bill was over 3 gold. That’s peanuts to what other members of my guild spend for repairs on their epic gear. Unless you are really good at making gold, and I have to confess that I’m not, the next best thing is to spend as little of it as possible. I hope this guide helps you to do that.