16 Items From My Steam Wishlist Are On Sale

Steam black friday sale

This morning I woke up to an email about a Steam sale, as happens occasionally, telling me that a whole bunch of items from my Steam Wishlist are on sale. It’s normal to see one or two items on sale on any particular mail-out, but 16?

Hmmm. Must be a special day today. What could it be?

That’s right. Black Friday.

(As an aside. Why do they call it that? It sounds kind of ominous.)

Some of the discounts were quite large. Up to 75%. So I splurged a little and bought five games: Space Chem, Infested Planet, Caveblazers, Unexplored, and Grim Dawn. All for a total of 27 quid.

That means I’ve now got 129 games in my Steam library, and like many others, some haven’t been played. Or have only been played once.

The funny (ironic) thing is that I’m not one for shopping. I rarely shop for clothes. That tends to be a twice a year thing, or if something wears out. And then, I tend to simply get new versions of what I bought last time. I’ve had the same pair of shoes, bought 3 times now, for the last six or seven years.

Yeah. I’m not a fashion hound.

I hate shopping. Except it seems for three things. Technology, games, and books and movies.

Go figure.


I just received another email from Steam telling me that in fact, they are having The Steam Autumn Sale right now. Lot’s of saving apparently. And here I thought it was a Black Friday thing. It raises a few questions.

Will that be a thing?

Why are they calling it Autumn and not Fall?

How far can my wallet stretch?

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