Diablo 3 Playable Offline

Posted by Stropp on February 27, 2013 but only on the Playstation 3 and newly announced Playstation 4. Why is the PC version only playable online again? Oh. I think it's because it's a better experience, according to the propaganda. But it's really because Blizztard want you to buy as much gear as possible from their real money auction house, because, well you know... profit. Sorry. Having a bit of cynicism this morning with my coffee.
  1. Raquinvil Said,

    Yea, the auction house, while convenient forced some “over-tunning” on some diablo basic mechanics. That’s each patch, after patch, has been buff this, buff that…

    This all online only from blizzard just marked me so hard that I probably won’t buy any more games tagged by them… It’s sad because they were one of my highest hopes publisher/developer

  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Said,

    I bet SCEA won’t let Blizzard have an RMT auction house on the PS3/PS4. If you can’t shear the sheep, you might as well let the flock wander off and do what they want.

  3. Stropp Said,

    That’s the likely reason. The console platform owners are pretty jealous in guarding the revenue stream. It’s unlikely that Sony would allow Blizzard to bypass them in micro-transactions, and Blizzard wouldn’t want to give Sony a cut.

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