NBI: Just Do It

Posted by Stropp on May 1, 2012 Here is the first bit of Newbie Blogger Initiative advice I have for you. It applies regardless of what type of blog you want to set up. Hell, it applies if you are starting a blog, a business, or a relationship. Don't wait. Take action now. Just Do It. Nike used that last one as a slogan for years. It worked. It worked because it was true. Here's the thing. It's easy to wait until you have all your ducks in a row before you start. The problem with that, is that most of the time, your ducks will do what they do best. Waddle all over the place. If you wait until everything is just right, not only will you never start your blog, you'll probably never be able to finish a post. Just do it!  
  1. Gank Said,

    Do great minds think alike? I guess that depends on if we’re both great…..


    Loving that Nike Ad ;)

  2. Stropp Said,

    Great minds? Well….

    It’s one thing that Nike got right, because it applies to so many things in life. Too easy to procrastinate, Just Do It is the solution.

  3. The NBI Wraps! | Ardwulf's Lair Said,