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Posted by Stropp on December 6, 2009

Ventolin For Sale, This last week a Taiwanese player completed every World of Warcraft achievement in the game.

Does this mean he has officially finished World of Warcraft, Ventolin canada, mexico, india. Taking Ventolin, I know there are some games that let you keep going after the game is over, Civilization comes to mind, order Ventolin from United States pharmacy, Order Ventolin online overnight delivery no prescription, but if every goal in the game is done...

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  1. xXJayeDuBXx Said,

    I think you’re right, this guy has nothing left to accomplish in WoW. Seriously, if you are spending so much energy and time trying to earn every achievement, what do you do when you have completed that task?

  2. Pitrelli Said,

    ‘Seriously, if you are spending so much energy and time trying to earn every achievement, what do you do when you have completed that task?’

    Get a life I would expect or some sleep. To be honest kudos to him for the effort i just think its a tad insane someone would invest so much time and energy into a game.

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