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Not Dead Yet


Obligatory Python reference.

Okay. So it’s been a while. Reason being is that I picked up some work coding a Rails app for a startup (still going) as well as having to keep taking on bits and pieces of IT and other software dev work to pay the bills.

But in the midst of all that I picked up where I left off with Rift way back when.

When Archeage released I downloaded it, and played the FTP content for a while but the game didn’t really grab me. I keep hearing how wonderful and sandboxy it is, but still… It might have been that Asian RPG feel which is something I’ve always had trouble getting into. I’ve tried a few JRPGs and hated them. And we won’t …

Well, That’s New

I just received the email notification for the renewal of my Elder Scrolls Online subscription. Actually interesting that they sent an email, most of the sub based games I’ve played just silently renew. But what is really new to me is that the charge is in Aussie Dollars.

Normally, Australian gamers have to pay in US dollars, and then the exchange rate kicks in. A 15USD charge ends up being closer to 20AUD. It feels quite fresh to have 15 dollars mean 15 dollars, and saves having to worry about exchange rates.

Brad McQuaid: Morally and Ethically Bankrupt?

I came across this item this morning on Wilhelms blog, TAGN.

The money- It’s widely agreed upon by all parties that this project took in roughly 145 thousand dollars. A large chunk of that money, 35k, came from a single individual who promised another couple hundred thousand once he cleared it with his trust. Brad was having personal problems at the time and needed to take a cash advance from the project.

He took roughly three months pay in advance which equaled roughly 38% of the funds that were left. Brad thought the rest of the money would come in, but the trust supervisor declined without even looking into the project. Reason being, he didn’t want to

The Elder Scrolls Online: Long Weekend Fun and the Problems

Last weekend in Australia, it was the Easter 4 day long weekend. There’s two public holidays, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and traditionally if a public holiday falls on a weekend, the Monday becomes the day off. So I took advantage of this to unwind a little, and what better way to unwind than to play some games.

TESO, being the game of the moment, was what I chose, so I spent nearly all Friday*, Saturday, and Sunday arvo playing. I ended up taking most of Monday off, just vegging on the couch.

All up some fun was had, and I ended up getting my DK almost to 15.

There were a few things I decided to do.

Run around the non-Glenumbra starting zones and get all the Soul …

Elder Scrolls Online: First Impressions

I asked the question about PC performance regarding The Elder Scrolls Online in my last post because my current gaming rig is getting a bit old and is starting to behave a bit crankily towards some of the newer games on the block, sitting on the front porch and telling them to get off the lawn.

After a positive answer to my question, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the game. I didn’t go for the super happy awesome edition, despite the Imperials as a playable race, it was a fair bit more expensive, and I didn’t feel the need. It cost nearly (over?) 90 Oz dollars as it was.

It was a pretty big download, …

Elder Scrolls Online Players, A Question For You

I understand there are some bugs in the early release of the game, but the gameplay sounds interesting. I wanted to ask you, how are your computers coping with it?

My gaming box has been struggling a bit with new releases lately. It’s a quad core 6600 with 4GB and 1GB graphics card, about 5 years old. Will that handle TESO?

Asheron’s Call: End of an Era

First of all, don’t panic, Asheron’s Call is not going offline. In fact today’s announcement by Turbine appears to guarantee the future of the game, only perhaps somewhat restricted, I’ll get to that in a sec.

What is happening is that Asheron’s Call is, after the February content patch is deployed, going into maintenance mode according to this forum post by Severlin.

This means that any future updates will only contain bug and security fixes, and perhaps some minor itemization updates. But no new story.

AC is unique in MMORPGs as it has each and every month since it was released on the 2nd of November, 1999 been given a story update. These updates have added new monsters, dungeons, …

Kickstarted By An Angel

Using Kickstarter presents one big problem.

If you don’t fully reach your funding goal, then you get nothing. Doesn’t matter if you are half a million short or just one dollar.

So as the Pantheon Kickstarter campaign is about to head into their final week, they are staring down the barrel at a shortfall of over $400,000. As Wilhelm at TAGN points out it is not impossible to reach the final goal, they just need some extraordinary help to get the >$45,000 a day to do so.

Personally, I think the optimism has been strong with this one for quite some time. Even in the last few days, Visionary Realms have been announcing details of their stretch goals (at 2.5 million) which given the likelihood …

Kickstarter Thoughts: Are Old School MMORPGs Dead And Gone?

A lot has been written about Kickstarter as a means of funding games, and even as a tool for promoting a game, but it occurs to me that it may also be useful as a means of doing market research for your game.

Let me explain.

All market research is about is in finding out if there actually is a market for your product, and if there is finding out who that market is: age group, wealth level, location, gender, that sort of thing.

But firstly, actually finding out there is a market is really important. If there isn’t there is no point actually spending money developing a product in the first place. It seems to me that Kickstarter could be really useful for a developer to …